Assess Ltd. & The Backster School of Lie Detection
Five day Advanced Polygraph Training Seminar

Sofia, Bulgaria
25-29 April, 2016
Tuition fee: $ 600
Key note speaker – Todor Todorov, official representative of The Backster School of Lie Detection; Certified instructor and PCSOT examiner.
Guest speakers – top professionals in the field
Focus of the seminar
Chart interpretation / countermeasures and a countermeasure demonstration. Post interview interrogation techniques – best practices; real case examples.
Other blocks of instruction will include common mistakes of polygraph examiners in question formulation decisions.
Benefits and Opportunities for sharing professional expertise and networking with other polygraph examiners. Get a 40-hour Advanced Training certificate by  The Backster School of Lie Detection.
For more information and to register, please e-mails us "Here".
We will be happy to share experience and discuss ideas together!
Feel free to invite interested parties.