During 27-29 November in Rome, Italy, was held the First European criminal psychology congress.

The event was much appreciated and was visited by more than 180 experts and university students from all over Europe.

The program of the congress included diverse topics from the criminal psychology - interrogation techniques, genetics of the criminal behavior, non verbal communication and FACS etc.

Assess Ltd., in the face of Todor Todorov and Velina Vladimirova, presented the polygraph method and its usage in Bulgaria. A huge interest caused the all presented opportunities for integration of different criminal psychology methods into practice.

Assess would like to express special thanks to the organizers of the congress: Igor Vitale, Forensic Group, as well as to Yazmin Bronkema from Lafayette Instrument.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events and trainings.

 Congresso Europeo di Psicologia Criminale in 48 secondi