This year, again, the participation of Assess Ltd. in the International Conference on Criminal Psychology provoked strong interest among more than three hundred participants in the event held in Milan, Italy, on 17 and 18 March. We would like to express our special thanks for the invitation and the wonderful event organisation of Igor Vitale!

The experts of Assess Ltd. - Todor Todorov and Tanya Dimitrova presented to the audience "criminal profiling" as an instrument in the investigation of serious crimes. The participants in the conference had the opportunity to touch the practical dimensions of this psychological method and analyse series of serious crimes, including murders and sexual assaults.

Criminal psychologists, part of Assess Ltd., acquainted the audience with the essence of the victimological analysis and the process of building the profile of an unknown perpetrator of a serious criminal act.

Each one of the cases presented to the audience is part of the practical experience and expertise of the criminal psychologists Todorov and Dimitrova who, in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies, have helped to resolve a number of criminal acts.

Because of the strong interest in the topic, Assess Ltd. is about to open an internship campaign in the field of Criminal Psychology and Polygraph Studies.

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