Organizational consulting begins with the evaluation of the current situation of the company, identifying the problem areas and their potential for optimization.

Organizational Consulting includes:

  • Consulting cases of specific attitudes and relationships between the employees, as well as interactions between the employees and their superiors
  • Mediating communication problems within the structure of the company
  • Management and development of leadership potential
  • Assisting in managing the strategic processes of development and transformation of the organization

After the evaluation stage, the process of organizational consulting continues with an analysis of the results, practical activities, aimed at achieving a change, providing feedback to the management of the structural unit.
Improving the social skills of the employees is a prerequisite for active and effective interaction between people. The social skills of the employees are key criteria for assessing their professional capability and a factor for their successful professional realization.
Tying the system with programs for training and development of the employees:

  • Development of leadership potential
  • Team building skills
  • Social competence and assertiveness
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills