General Manager of Assess Ltd. 1999 - 2012 – Criminal psychologist in „Criminal psychology” Department in the Institute of psychology – MI, Bulgaria.

2009 - 2012 – Head of the „Criminal psychology” Department in the Institute of psychology – MI, Bulgaria.

Certified Criminal Psychophysiologist – graduated the Basic Polygraph Examiner Training Course PE-189, PCSOT / Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing / and Advanced PCSOT training by Backster School of Lie Detection, San Diego, USA, approved by the APA, held in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Certified Instructor in Forensic Psychophysiology/Polygraph – Backster School of Lie Detection, San Diego, USA.

  • Criminal psychologist and polygraph examiner – worked with more 4 000 individuals regarding loyalty checks, pre-employment cases and criminal cases; supervised more than 10 000 polygraph examinations.
  • Expert in the field of criminal profiling; hostage negotiation; crisis interventions; violent crime analysis; behavioral analysis; personality profiling; threat assessment; expert in court.

Author of publications regarding issues in the criminal psychology field in specialized journals and magazines.

Participated in national and international workshops and trainings in regards to the investigation and the prevention of different types of crimes etc.



Advanced PCSOT Training
Appreciation Certificate - American Association of Police Polygraphists
Appreciation Certificate - American Polygraph Association
Appreciation Certificate - Lafayette Instrument Company
Appreciation Certificate - The California Association of Polygraph Examiners
First International Workshop - Criminal Psychology
Full Member of The American Polygraph Association
Instructor in Forensic Psychophysiology
Matte Institute of Polygraph Science